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Wasabi Shoyu Ramen


Our flavorsome soy sauce broth, livened by the pleasant heat of wasabi, infuses our noodles with vibrancy. Topped with golden shrimp tempura, finely sliced scallions, kikurage mushrooms, sun-dried bamboo shoots, and naruto fish cakes.

Instruction / Storage

  • Kit ships with ice packs
  • May thaw in transit
  • Upon arrival, remove the packaging and place it immediately in the fridge
  • Soup is best kept in the refrigerator for up to 1 week
  • Scallions, menma, kikurage can be kept refrigerated for 3 days.
  • Naruto fish cakes and noodles are best kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, freezer for 1 month.
  • Do not freeze vegetables

Shipping Detail

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Fresh Ingredients

  • Shrimp tempura 2 pc
  • Kikurage(wood-ear mushrooms) 15 g
  • Menma(bamboo shoots) 50 g
  • Naruto 2 pc
  • Scallions 15 g
  • Noodles 148 g
  • Soup 360 ml
  • Soy sauce tare 30 ml
  • Wasabi tare 15 ml


  •  Small Pot

  •  Strainer

  •  Fryer or Oven


Step-By-Step Instructions 

Total time : 8 MinsCooking difficulty : Easy 



Let’s get started! Bake shrimp tempura in preheated oven for 10 minutes or in the fryer 3 minutes to make it crispy :)



Ready for the next step? Pour the soup pouch into the pot to boil thoroughly.



It’s kinda hard to wait for the soup to heat when you are hungry, huh? But you have a few more things to do to enjoy delicious ramen! Let’s boil a separate pot of water for the noodles. Boil and stir the noodles gently for approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Then, remove and strain. 



Almost ready to serve! Pour the soup, Shoyu tare sauce, and chewy noodles into your favorite bowl.


We have finally come to the last part!! add the Toppings as you like! Wasabi oil, menma(bamboo shoots), kikurage(wood-ear mushrooms), scallions, naruto, and Shrimp Tempura! How would you like to decorate??


Enjoy the umami harmony of soy sauce, bonito, and kombu. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steve B.
Better than most ramen I've bought at restaurants

The soup base is so authentic. Just the perfect smokiness with the slight fish flavor. My son is a self-proclaimed "ramen snob" and was amazed too. We added some chili crunch to it to take it to another level, but it really wasn't necessary. I'm in love with these dishes!

A Taste Sensation

I can't get enough of the Wasabi Shoyu Ramen! The flavors are incredibly balanced, with a satisfying hint of wasabi that adds an exciting kick. It's the ultimate comfort food for sharing with someone special.

Bursting with Flavor

Wasabi Shoyu Ramen was an explosion of taste! The rich broth, tender noodles, and the kick of wasabi made every spoonful absolutely delightful. Perfect for a cozy night in!

Gaurang Ghurye
Nice taste

Nice taste 😋