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1,Pick your plan

Pick plan from 2meals / 4meals / 6meals, cost effective!

2, Pick Your Favorite 

Choose your favorite from 8 kinds of ramen, more flexible!





3, Check your delivery date!

Delivery every Wednesday or Frida depeding on your ordering day, easy to cancel and exchage your ramen!


Very Flexible!

Cancel and exchage your ramen anytime before 4 days from next delivery.

Save your money!

Subscribe plan is disconted from one-time purchase plan.

Save your time!

Easy to cook. Just boiling 10-15min in total. 


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Our Passion: Sharing Healthy Ramen With the World

It’s about being kind to your body, doing the right thing by the environment, and doing our bit to make the world a better place to be. 

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20 December, 2021
Japanese Ramen Kit Is So Famous, But Why?

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03 December, 2020
Meatless Ramen with unparalleled taste and complete nutrients

The vegan or vegetarian food industry is growing as you read...

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