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175° DENO(175°DENO担担麺)


『What is the best Tantan-men? I wanted to create it by myself.』 I was curious about it in 2008, 5 years before my first store opened (established in 2013). At the time, I was studying at a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo, but I went to Sichuan, China, the original place for Tantan-men; and found new ingredients and improved my skills and knowledge in named restaurants. As a result, I combined Sichuan Tantan-men with Japanese Tantan-men and created an original new Tantan-men named “DENO Tantan-men.” My life, professors, coworkers, customers, experiences, products, services, ideas and brand had grown into one, and 175°DENO担担麺 was born in Hokkaido. Now, I have decided to grow the 175 brand, lasting more than 100 years. I also hope to spread “SHIBIRE” to the world, share my mind and grow together.

Vegan Hemp Miso Ramen
Gluten Free Noodle

11 Mins

Vegan Hemp Miso...

Discover our gluten-...

  • Shoyu Ramen

    8 Mins

    Shoyu Ramen

    Our steamy bowl of t...

  • Shibikara Sappro Miso Ramen

    9 Mins

    Shibikara Sappr...

    Shibikara means spic...

  • Vegetable Tofu Ramen
    Gluten Free Noodle

    9 Mins

    Vegetable Tofu...

    Our creamy miso-flav...

  • Sapporo Miso Ramen

    9 Mins

    Sapporo Miso Ra...

    Sapporo’s spec...

  • Shibikara Sapporo Miso Tsukemen

    9 Mins

    Shibikara Sappo...

    Dip a side of noodle...

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