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Menya Jiro(麺屋二郎)


In 2011, Menya Jiro became the first ramen brand from Kagoshima to take part in the “Tokyo Ramen Event,” the largest ramen event in Japan. Winning much love from the local population, it was ranked as the “Women’s Favorite Ramen Place,” as proposed by the local Television Program. In ramen events in Yamanashi, Oita, Sendai, and Osaka, Menya Jiro won both the Top Popularity Prize and the First Prize in Selling. In NY in 2016, MENYA JIRO won the championship in the NY Street Ramen Contest & the NY Street Ramen Contest in 2017. The unique ramen that Menya Jiro provides to NEW YORK CITY is full of tradition and innovation. The broth is enriched by combining both tonkotsu and chicken. Now opening 3 shops in succession to New York, Menya Jiro brings the first “Kagoshima Ramen” to NY. The soy sauce and seasoning are sent directly from Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan. It sticks to the taste of Japan as it is. Though commonly used in making bouillon, adding fried onions and garlic just before serving the ramen refines the flavor and helps bring out the “umami” while drinking the broth. The topping, Chashu, is the word for well-seasoned pork belly. The way in which it is produced has been registered as an intangible cultural heritage.

Jiro Anma


KIng of 『2016-2017 Yamanashi Ramen Contest in Japan』 & 『2017 New York Ramen Contest』 / Menya Jiro was founded in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima District, Japan. The following year, it became the first ramen brand officially providing fresh noodles to Ibuski. In the same year, Menya Jiro’s presence at Oita Ramen festival was met with unanimous praise, raising its profile throughout the region. Soon after, the second and third flagship restaurants successfully opened in Hakata Ramen Stadium, Fukuoka Canal City and Zushi City, Kanagawa. A Menya Jiro has also actively participated in various ramen events throughout Japan.

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