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Ramen Kings – The healthy Ramen experts

3 2020

If we are to take a percentage of the people who are exclusively ‘vegan’ with the label, it is rather surprising to see the figure hovers consistently at 3 percent. On the contrary, a study reveals that the number of Americans who have switched to plantbased diets in the last 15 years has risen from 9.4 million to 9.7 million. Similarly, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos Retail Performance, the enthusiasm of food-lovers opting for plant-based diets has grown exponentially in the last decade.

The numbers clearly show that Americans might not describe themselves as vegetarian on-the-go, but they are indeed becoming fond of the vegan diet. Part of the reason includes a fear of commitment and preferring to freely enjoy and embrace plant-based foods. However, besides a change in taste, what else compels them to revamp their staple diet?

What is the reason behind this diet shift?

Several factors have contributed to this significant change in dynamics, including high-profile celebrities, and environmental and health concerns. According to Kelly Fairchild, the global business development manager at Ipsos Retail Performance, a plant-based diet has always been the better alternative. It is only now that we are finally adopting this minority diet preference.

Some key reasons include plant-based food reducing the tremendous strain put on our plant resources to grow and process meat-based diets. It helps lessen the entire food industry’s carbon footprint, as animal husbandry and processing contribute to more than 14% of the greenhouse gas emissions. To make it worse, this particular industry that brings meat to our tables is the single largest contributor of methane gas, which is more hazardous and warming than carbon dioxide alone. While most of us remain unaware of the impact of the food industry on our environment, it is high time that we transform our approach and rethink what we eat.

Greener Ramen for a greener planet

It is interesting to know that over 90% of surveyed Americans reported that they are willing to incorporate plant-based meals into their diets, but unfortunately, don’t know where to begin. Be it fruits, vegetables, dairy alternatives, or only plant-based meals, they are overwhelmingly keen to embrace a profound shift in their diets.

Ramen is every American’s favorite Japanese dish of egg noodles resting in a variety of broths, from meat, turkey, or chicken grounds, to no meat and deliciously all-vegetarian. It takes more than a keyword search on the internet to come up with plant-based meals that revel in the same glorious flavor of beef seasoning, if not better.

Ramen Kings ensures the best Ramen experts whip up the greenest Ramen without compromising on the flavor, quality, or the price, for that matter. We endeavor to create the healthiest balance of nature and deliciousness to treat you to the best vegan ramen at your doorstep weekly. Spiced up and seasoned all-plant and no-meat, Ramen Kings was founded to encourage a greener planet by preparing your favorite meal with sustainability.



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