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Meatless Ramen with unparalleled taste and complete nutrients

3 2020

The vegan or vegetarian food industry is growing as you read this. The growth is supported by many facts – from research exploring the benefits of a plant-based diet to the catastrophes due to animal farming.

Many people today consider themselves environmentalists. Yet, they continue to do things that harm the very environment they want to save. Do you know the first thing you should be fixing to protect the environment? It's your plate; it is where it all begins. Adapting and adjusting to an environmentally friendly food plate will play a huge role in saving the environment.

The Ramen Meal Kit

Going vegan or vegetarian is no longer associated with bland meals. At  Ramen Kings, we introduce you to the healthiest and yummiest Ramen meal kit. Now, you can eat healthy while eating ramen. We have come up with ramen that is nutritious and vegan. Whether you are pescatrian, vegan, or vegetarian, think no further before eating our delicious ramen.

Meal kit that is mindful of the environment

It is vital to be aware of the effects of actions on the environment. At Ramen kings, being environmentally friendly is a serious issue. We believe in contributing to nature while filling up our tummies with delicious food. We have partnered with One Tree Planted to play our due role in being mindful of the environment.

Benefits of meat-free ramen kit

The benefits of not including meat in our ramen kit surpass the benefits of including meat in it. Not only do you consume less fat, but you also contribute to saving the Earth.

Being environmentally friendly

The most visible and the most under-discussed harmful thing for the environment has been animal farming. You can't be a carnivore and passionate about the environment at the same time. With our ramen meal kit, you can enjoy a healthy, delicious, and nutritious vegan diet without inflicting any harm upon the environment.

Saying no to animal cruelty

Is it good knowing that no living thing has been harmed during the production of your meal? We think so. With our ramen meal kit, you can have a healthy diet without being cruel to the animals. Every time you eat ramen - you are doing your part in saving animals from cruelty while eating a diet that provides all the necessary nutrition.

You save water

You can and should be conscious of your water consumption and save it. But did you know something that consumes the most weather is a hazard to the environment? It is animal farming and cattle rearing. In the United States of America alone, the livestock has been consuming 55% of the total water supply. Opting for a meat-free diet is not only healthy, but you're also doing your part in saving water at the same time.

Animal agriculture increases greenhouse gas emissions

By not using or eating meat, you will also be playing a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Buying an electric car has less impact than outing a full stop on meat consumption. Let that sink in for a moment. Our ramen meal kit is meat-free, healthy, and plays zero roles in increasing air pollution.



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