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(Ramen King was started with the simplest of ideas)

Serving the best ramen and Saving the planet

Serving the best ramen. Our line of signature dishes was developed by two of the shining lights on the Japanese Ramen scene.



Champion's Exclusive Recipe

Deno Matsuhiro and Jiro Anama are champions of the JAPAN Fes New York Ramen Contest.


Deno Matsuhiro started his own ramen shop in Hokkaido in 2013 and has gone on to win numerous awards including TV Ramen Japan tournament champion.

Jiro Anma opened his first shop, Menya Jiro in Kagoshima, but it quickly spread across Japan.


Making Ramen Without Meat

The Livestock has been consuming 55% of its total water. Opting for a meat-free diet is not only healthy, but you're also doing your part in saving water at the same time. By not using or eating meat, you will also be playing a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our ramen meal kit is meat-free, healthy, and plays zero roles in increasing air pollution.

(How does this work?)

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Place an order, and we’ll send the kit straight to your home. Each kit is perfectly portioned to reduce waste and give you the perfect bowl of ramen every time. Get cooking! You’re working with sustainable, meat-free ingredients of the highest quality, selected by our chef and packed to ensure freshness and ease of use. The simple instructions show you what to do, and in minutes it’s like you’re cooking with a seasoned ramen chef by your side!


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